There are some arguments that will never cease and will continue to be the rage from now until the end of time. Some of those arguments have valid points while others are just ways for people to let off steam. This here is a list of arguments that gamers will never stop having.

From the art debate to the review scores to the console wars, there are specific arguments within the gaming community that people love to argue and debate about incessantly. If you find yourself on the wrong end of a forum board or a discussion thread spiraling out of control, it just might include one of the following topics.

Are eSports Real Sports?
It's an argument that has been raging since Doritos and Mountain Dew have been sponsoring Halo tournaments: is eSports a real sport? The debate has continued to pick up steam as the entire eSports sector makes more and more money each year – the EEDAR reports that 15 million people tune into various eSports events within key demographics and Superdata Research revealed that eSports generates $612 million in revenue. It's big business, but is it real business?

Fox Sports reported on professional NBA player Gordon Hayward from the Utah Jazz defending eSports and taking on outspoken pundit Colin Cowherd after the radio show host take a jab at gamers and the eSports culture. The common issue is that since it's not physical enough it's not a real sport. The common counter to that issue is that it requires reflexes, timing and skill that not everyone possess. Due to these opposing viewpoints this argument will never end.

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