For fans of the Sci-fi fantasy MMORPG Allods Online, August 8th is a day you might want to circle on your calendar. (People still do that, right?) The war for Astral Space is set to intensify as the New Horizons expansion gets ready to launch.

Allods Online is a pretty unique free-to-play title. It offers all of the usual talking, running, battling and looting you would expect out of any MMO, but with the added bonus of flying and waging war in giant space ships across its massive galaxy.

In the game, the League and Empire factions are at war, vying for control of “allods,” resource-rich islands floating out in space. With the release of the New Horizons expansion, players will finally be able to build their own allod to call home, complete with all of the added benefits and resources it offers.

Another nifty piece of added content is the inclusion of Mercenaries. These NPCs will join your party for a fee (And take their share of the loot, too.) but now small groups or solo players will finally be able to take on the more difficult challenges without having to recruit a bunch of random strangers to join their cause. I have a tendency to travel in a wolf pack of one when playing an MMO, so the ability to beef up my party without ever having to interact with other human beings sounds (sadly) fantastic.

There are all sorts of extra tweaks, additions and new missions being packed into the New Horizons expansion and, to help give new players a place to start or old players a place to begin anew, a new “Avilon” server will be opening up for U.S. players. All of this content will become available on Aug. 8. For more details or to jump into the game yourself, head on over to the Allods Online official website.

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