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Attack On Titan First Nintendo 3DS Screenshots Released

The very first set of screenshots for the portable version of Attack on Titan for the Nintendo 3DS have gone live. Spike Chunsoft let gamers get a glimpse at the brand new title, which looks a heck of a lot better than I had been anticipating.

So Dualshockers scoped out the new screens for the Nintendo 3DS and boy do they look highly freaking impressive. I was thinking maybe the game would be with 2D sprites or would be kind of cheap looking since it's on the 3DS – but nope, the game looks good... surprisingly good.

According to the info floating around out there (mostly in that DualShockers article), Chunsoft will put players in the role of Eren, the main character of the game, and it will be up to players to take down titans. Now, for anyone who has watched the show you'll know that the little guy doesn't kill titans and was disposed of rather quickly in the early goings, so I'm trying to figure out exactly in what time frame will the game take place that sees Eren capable of taking down a multitude of titans on his own?

Well, game plot synopsis aside, players will be accompanied by AI companions and it will be the job of the player to protect them throughout the missions as well. As you succeed you'll unlock new story campaigns, including sub-stories for Armin and Eren's sister.

Don't think this game will be a cakewalk, though. The show is notoriously known for its brutal and scathing battle sequences that will see main characters killed off on a whim. The game won't be pulling any punches either and players will have to watch out and avoid being maimed or eaten from the very fast moving and very dangerous titans.

If that small description above sounds intriguing, take note that the game also supports multiplayer co-op for up to four players – so you and your friends can hop into the game and unleash some titan-dispensing action on the tall naked, pervy-looking giants.

You can check out the first set of screenshots for the game below. While I was thinking we would be seeing something closer to Earth Defense Force, it's nice to see that Spike really wants to honor what was achieved in the show and maintain a strong semblance of the fast-paced action from the anime with their upcoming portable game.

The only big question left is if Attack on Titan will be localized for the English-speaking gamer? Time will tell. Enjoy the screenshots below.

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