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It only took a week for the Norse-based RPG to reach its goal and now it's heading into the "then some" territory. Former vets from big budget studios (recently coming off Star Wars: The Old Republic) wanted to get back to making fun games that were about the gaming experience and those who enjoy titles that age well with a hint of fondness and nostalgia.

Stoic Studio's The Banner Saga is aiming to bring gamers an epic, large-scale RPG adventure on a small budget. Well, the $100,000 Kickstarter goal has been met and the funds are still pouring in, nearly hitting the half-a-million mark.

We're still a ways off from Kickstarter replacing traditional big-budget publishers, but gamers are definitely "speaking with their wallets" and letting the industry know that they're supporting the games they never stopped loving.

The gaming community is constantly being told that newer games need bigger and bigger budgets, but as it was revealed in the confessions of a viral marketer, a lot of EA's venture capital is (wasted?) on marketing. In other words, you could make close to 400 Kickstarter games at $2 million each with the money EA spent on marketing alone in 2011. Kind of makes you go..."Hmmm".

I'm glad games like GunCraft and Wasteland 2 are kicking up a storm and showing that smaller, creative ventures can be green-lit, even if it's done via community resources, or more aptly, crowd-sourcing.

With the extra funds pouring into Stoic's Banner Saga, the team will use the money to further enhance gameplay features, the game world, the aesthetic quality as well as the amount of platforms the game will launch on (including potentially arriving on the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN if they receive enough cash).

You can join in on the action or simply learn more about developers and gamers creating a much more fruitful relationship via Kickstarter by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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