We finally find out when Battleborn will be released: this winter for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The details were unveiled along with a press release and a trailer showing off a little bit of the gameplay and prepping for the game's presence at this year's E3. You can check out the trailer below.

Over on the official Gearbox website, they rolled out a news post containing tons of new information about Battleborn, which seemed to go dark shortly after it was announced. Details on the game were sparse but now we have something substantial to sink our teeth into.

The trailer above doesn't really do much to explain the game or the setting, but the general gist is that various races and combatants across the galaxy have teamed up together to face down against an invading and seemingly unstoppable force.

Players are able to choose from a variety of different characters, each with their own special abilities and powers as they work together to perform objectives across a map and aim for victory while killing countless bad guys.

The game sports five player co-op with two-player split-screen options available for console owners. I wonder if Gearbox Software will implement split-screen features into the PC version of the game or will another excuse be made as to why PC gamers won't be able to enjoy split-screen? With the Steam Machines right around the corner it would only make sense since Valve has been pushing hard for couch co-op. Modders also took the liberty of re-enabling the disabled split-screen features in Borderlands and Borderlands 2 on PC.

The game will feature a progressive story mode that tells the story of the Battleborn Badasses and how they're attempting to thwart the evil from invading their part of the universe. Players will be able to choose from 25 playable Badasses, ranging from all sorts of mystical and magic types, to melee characters and gun-wielders. There's just about a character for everybody.

In addition to the story mode there's also PvP options with 5-on-5 modes that include Incursion, Devastation, and Meltdown. I imagine the PvP will be very similar to Blizzard's upcoming first-person shooter MOBA, Overwatch. In fact, you can draw some strong comparisons between both games given the art-style and gameplay mechanics present in Overwatch and Battleborn are cel-shaded, bright and colorful. However, I will give the edge to Battleborn when it comes to visual presentation and polish. The gameplay may look like a standard FPS MOBA but the animations and visual presentation are top notch.

Like most other MOBAs there will be a progression system that allows players to unlock new abilities and ranks as players can individually level-up each character to their heart's desire.

Gearbox Software is planning on unveiling more of Battleborn at this year's upcoming E3 event, so I'm sure we'll see plenty of gameplay footage spilling out of the expo this year. You can keep track of Battleborn by paying a visit to the game's official website.
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