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Gamers will have to wait longer than expected to try out Binary Domain, the debut project from Yakuza Studio. According to the latest trailer, entitled "Bigger Than You Expected," the squad-based, third-person shooter has been delayed by two weeks.

Binary takes place in Tokyo in the year 2080. Robots have begun to turn on humans and an international peace-keeping squad is sent into the lower levels of the city to stamp out this threat. You, naturally, play the squad's leader.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the game is the Consequence system. The way you lead your squad affects the trust level of your subordinates. Their trust level affects their dialogue as well as their performance in combat. For example, a squadmate who distrusts you will disobey orders in the heat of battle.

Binary was originally expected on February 14 in North America. However, the trailer lists the release date as February 28th.

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