Snail Games' upcoming free-to-play MMORPG, Black Gold Online, hasn't been on the receiving end of a lot of press or a lot of megaton hype, but it doesn't mean it's not a game worth keeping your eye on. In fact, Snail Games gave Cinema Blend a timed exclusive trailer for the upcoming MMO to showcase to gamers exactly what will be in store come June 20th.

The trailer will be part of all the E3 hype next week and will roll out to the bigger sites around that time as well. But for now, you'll be able to see the trailer exclusively here at Gaming Blend for the time being.

So what makes Black Gold Online any different from all the other MMORPGs out there? Well, usually I couldn't care less about any F2P title that's just another click-and-grind time-milker. However, some newer games have been going about their business in a different way, and Snail Games' Black Gold Online is one of those games.

As showcased in the trailer, it's not just standard mobs and a giant medieval fantasy world being thrown the way of players, this time around it's a steampunk fantasy setting and the game world is a sandbox-style PvP MMO. That's right, no where is safe outside the spawn zones.

Even more than that – and this is the thing I'm really loving – there are mechs! Yes, steampunk mechs!

If running around hacking and slashing mobs and baddies isn't your idea of fun, maybe stomping around crushing mobs and baddies is your idea of fun. Check out some of them below.

There's like some Victorian-Titanfall type designs going on up in there. I can dig it.

Additionally, the E3 trailer above showcases massive scale battles and unprecedented encounters that can only be done on a PC. That's part of the game's charm, as those massive battles will be part of the gameplay. Whether or not your PC can handle it is a whole other story... I mean, really, that's just a completely separate article altogether.

Anyway, my only concern is whether or not the combat is non-targeting. I haven't heard or seen a lot about Black Gold Online so we'll see how it all comes together when it launches later this month.

While this may not be a super AAA MMO release like TERA or Blade & Soul, this definitely seems like the kind of game that will keep you occupied and busy playing until something like Black Desert Online finally comes out of beta testing (if it ever does).

You can learn more about Black Gold Online by paying a visit to the game's official website. You can sign-up for the beta right now, which is set to go open for the public stating June 20th.

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