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NCSoft's other big MMO of 2012 that wasn't Guild Wars 2, was the gorgeously delectable martial-arts MMORPG, Blade & Soul. The game was easily one of the best looking titles of the year, especially to be an MMO, and NCSoft isn't finished updating the title, as they have some big plans in store before the year is out.

Dual Shockers spotted the new trailer for the upcoming update, which showcases one mean-spirited, kickbutt boss and all his equally mean-spirited, kickbutt moves. Check it out below.

I love the look and feel of the game. While the character weapons don't carry the same kind of weight that games like RaiderZ does, they still have a nice anime flair to their movements and attacks that gives the game a bit of its own identity, something that many MMOs lack these days.

The game is currently available in Korea and you would have to do some real region trickery to gain access to the title. Alternatively, you could just wait a bit longer as NCSoft plans to unleash Blade & Soul in other territories outside of Korea in 2013. It's also looking like that console release won't be happening anytime soon at all, but Blade & Soul would make for a nice addition to the Xbox 720 and PS4 line-up if either console is launching in the latter half of 2013.

You can look for the new update for the Korean version of Blade & Soul to release in just two days on December 26th. We'll keep you posted on an official North American release date.

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