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Borderlands Players' Favorite Characters Revealed

So who are the favorite characters that gamers love from the Borderlands franchise? Is it Dr. Ned? Zero? Mr. Torgue? How about Tiny Tina? Well, the results are in and Gearbox Software let gamers know who the fan-favorites are from the series.

Over on the official Borderlands Twitter account, they revealed who the favorite characters were based on survey results taken from the gaming community. It rolls out the top three characters from across the Borderlands franchise, highlighting the favorites that gamers favored the most, this included playable and non-playable characters. Check out the image below.

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It's a bit hard to tell in what order these three characters are being ranked. Is it going from middle outward? That would mean it's Krieg at the top, maybe Claptrap secnod and Tiny Tina third. Or is it going from left to right? That would put Claptrap first, Krieg second and Tiny Tina third. Or is it right to left? That would be an odd way of counting it but that would put Tiny Tina first, Krieg second and Claptrap third. Either way, Krieg is in the middle and is either liked more or less than Claptrap or Tiny Tina depending on how it's rated.

All three characters are featured heavily in Borderlands 2, so it's kind of like a Borderlands 2 love-fest, although two of the three characters are also in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, so I guess it's a Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel love-fest. . Tiny Tina wasn't a playable character in either of the Borderlands titles she appeared in, but she was a quest-giver and tagged along as an NPC for some missions.

Krieg was a downloadable character for Borderlands 2. He was one of the non-season pass characters that was made available for the game. In fact, 2K Games has a support page specifically listing what you wouldn't be getting in the season pass and the two additional characters, Gaige the Mechromancer, and Krieg the psycho-bandit, were not included.

A lot of gamers obviously fell in love with the melee-focused character after he debuted as DLC, given that he's front and center on the image above. The character was labeled as a hard-to-use class given that the lower his life the stronger he gets. He requires skills and tactics to really hammer home enemies without dying.

Last but not least is Claptrap. The obnoxious robot sidekick has been featured in all of the Borderlands games so far in some capacity, but it wasn't until Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel did he become a playable character. Players were able to assume the role of the one-wheeled robot and lay down a mean beating to anyone who crosses your path.

Krieg is still available as a downloadable character along with Gaige the Mechromancer. I'm a little shocked to see that Tiny Tina made the cut but not Gaige, but oh well. You can also get your fill of Tina and Claptrap in the latest Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which is available for the old-gen consoles and PC.

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