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If you thought that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare didn't have enough content, Sledgehammer Games and Activision are ramping up the game's multiplayer features by tossing in clan Raids. The new features will roll out in limited capacity starting March 9th, next week and then eventually spread to the rest of the clans after the beta preview ends.

The news comes courtesy of the official Call of Duty community site where they announced that the new Clan Raids would be accessible through the Advanced Warfare companion app.

As mentioned on the website...
“Raids can be initiated by your Clan Leader at any time, allowing you to play when you want. Choose a squad, select the Raid, and complete a diverse set of objectives in a race against the clock. New Raids will be added over time, so there’s always a new challenge to look forward to when using the Call of Duty Companion app, whether it’s cooperating with your Clan in Raids or fighting for top spot in Clan Wars.”

The Raids are basically setup like the typical MMO raids, except for clans. The idea is to keep clans engaged and playing and so Sledgehammer Games is offering gamers some brand new goods and items to unlock and earn in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare by competing with other players for top honors through clan bouts.

As mentioned, there will be leaderboards and scores to keep track of which clans are owning up on other clans, ranking the best of the best as if it's the most important thing in the world.

The March 9th roll out will only be for those who have first, second or third ranks in the Diamond Division, which means you have to be top-of-the-top to qualify for the beta testing phase.

After all the kinks are ironed out and things stabilize for the rest of the clans, the developers will begin rolling out the multiplayer Clan Raids for everyone.

Some of the new equipment that clans can unlock includes the all-white Equilibrium set. It's a spiffy looking bit of equipment that can be earned by trading in Clan Tokens. The tokens are earned in battle and offer players an opportunity to rank up their gear, similar to raid equipment from games like Allods Online, World of Warcraft or TERA Online.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is one of the biggest selling games of 2014. The game released on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC to fairly high praise. While a lot of gamers have grown tired of the annual releases of Call of Duty titles, Sledgehammer Games really stepped it up with Advanced Warfare by improving the graphics, adding tons of new customization and multiplayer gameplay mechanics, as well as casting Hollywood, academy award winning actor Kevin Spacey in the lead role as the arch villain.

As far eligibility for the Clan Raids go you can keep an eye on news and information via the Beachhead Studio Twitter account, where they'll be announcing new info on how to participate and when gamers can start utilizing the companion app in conjunction with the Raids.
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