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Captain America: Civil War Content Has Arrived In Marvel Heroes, Get The Details

Gazillion Entertainment has recently updated the 2016 edition of Marvel Heroes to include the Captain America: Civil War content, which features the Iron Man suit and Captain America getup from the recently released film.

Game Informer rolls out the details on the new update, which features brand new missions and costumes for $24.99. For the first week of being on sale you can get the Civil War pack for 15% off the normal price, so you only have to pay $21.24 for the pack, which includes brand new missions, brand new patrols, new costumes and bonuses for those who pick up a copy of the pack. The article also lists all the upcoming costumes planned for release for the other characters throughout May, which includes:

• Ant-Man

• Black Panther

• Black Widow

• Hawkeye

• Scarlet Witch

• Spider-Man

• War Machine

• Winter Soldier

The starting content pack for Captain America: Civil War will include two missions pulled directly out of the movie, which includes Crossbones and his band of merry mercenaries. The civilians of Madripool are caught in the conflict between Captain America and Crossbones' men, resulting in a rather shocking change to the way the public views heroes.

Marvel Heroes' Madripool Bazaar Chase mission is accompanied by the addition of Crossbones and his men being added to the Patrol Mode, where players will have to scout out his troops and take them down in the Hightown Patrol, Industry City Patrol and Midtown Manhattan Patrol missions.

Gazillion will have a second part to the Civil War content, including the lines being drawn and the super heroes taking sides. Players will have to choose either Team Tony or Team America (and come on, who isn't going to choose Team America?) to battle it out and fight for... whatever it is the super heroes are fighting for.

The second part of the Civil War. content will go live between May 12 and May 19. All throughout May Gazillion will be administering bonus EXP for the Civil War missions. As noted on the Steam community page, between May 6 and May 12 a 50% bonus will be applied to earned experience points in Marvel Heroes. Between May 12 and May 19, a 100% bonus will be applied to earned experience, and between May 19 and May 26, there will be a 150% bonus applied to earned experience.

The events centered around Captain America: Civil War will run throughout the month of May (and don't be surprised if it carries over into June given the popularity of the update). This follows close on the March and April content update in Marvel Heroes that featured costumes and missions from the second season of Daredevil. Gamers had an opportunity to play as two different iterations of Elektra, including her classic red getup and her new black and red outfit featured in the Netflix series.

The Daredevil TV show content was pretty popular in Marvel Heroes, so I can only imagine how the Civil War content will do. You can grab the Civil War starter pack right now from over on the Steam store page.

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