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Today Firaxis Games revealed Brave New World, the second expansion pack for Civilization V. Brave New World will bring new content to the strategy game, including two historical scenarios, this summer.

The first scenario, entitled "War Between the States," focuses on the American Civil War. Players can take on the role of either the Union or Confederate forces in the Eastern theatre. "Scramble for Africa," meanwhile, focuses on the colonization of Africa by world powers and the competition between them.

The expansion also introduces nine new civilizations, such as Poland. Each new civilization comes with special traits, buildings and units. New and old civilizations will have access to eight additional wonders, such as the Uffizi and Parthenon.

Brave New World gives players new ways to dominate the globe. You can win the game through the power of your culture, by creating masterpieces, uncovering artifacts and more. The international trade routes system allows you to spread your religion and culture while also making your citizens wealthy. You can also turn to the World Congress to restrict nuclear weapons, implement trade sanctions and more.

Civ V allows players to guide a civilization from the dawn of time until the space race. They must research new technologies, build their nation's infrastructure, engage in diplomacy, and maybe wipe out a rival civilization or two. The game first debuted back in September 2010, with a Game of the Year edition following in 2011. The Gods and Kings expansion was released last year.

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