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Civilization V's Brave New World expansion will introduce international trade routes to the strategy game. Trade routes will allow players to expand their influence and power throughout the world.

Players can create special trade units such as caravans and cargo ships and then send them to fellow nations on set routes. These units will allow them to generate additional gold. There are also secondary benefits; for example, trade will boost tourism and also allow players to more easily spread their religion. However, trade units can be attacked by enemy civilizations so they have to be protected.

Trade routes can also be established between cities in the same civilization. Food and production can be sent along these routes. This enables players to strengthen new or struggling cities.

Brave New World, the second expansion to Civ V, will revamp the culture and diplomacy features of the game. It will also introduces nine civilizations, including Poland, Brazil and Morocco. In a nod to Firaxis' other strategy series, the expansion will introduce special XCOM units as well.

The expansion will hit debut on July 9th in North America and on the 12th in Europe.