Relic Entertainment announced beta details for their real-time strategy Company of Heroes 2. Select players will be able to try out the World War 2 game in a matter of weeks.

The closed beta will begin in the early days of 2013, according to a letter from producer Greg Wilson. The testing will be accessible by anyone who pre-ordered the game. The folks who nabbed beta keys at special events will get access as well.

A few lucky gamers will get to play the game earlier than that. The Alpha Stress Test for the game will commence next week, and Relic will invite a small number of gamers to take part. Keep an eye on the game's website, Twitter, and Facebook for additional details.

Next week will also bring fresh details on the game. On December 10th, many press outlets will publish previews of the game's multiplayer. At around the same time, Relic will release a new trailer.

If you're planning to pre-order just to get into beta, note that there's another bonus you can earn by opting for the Digital Collector's Edition. Pre-orders of the Digital CE will get a free Command Pass, which provides access to new maps before anyone else as well as bonus events. You'd ordinarily have to pay a one-time fee to get the Pass.

CoH2 lets players experience the Eastern Front of WW2. For a glimpse at this brutal campaign, watch the recent gameplay trailer.

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