Watch Counter-Strike Player Troll A Cheater On His Own Team

Honor in competitive shooter games is not a common thing. Usually if a cheater comes in and starts wrecking the game like a third wheel in a marriage, the team with the cheater just lets it slide. Well, one team member did not let the cheater do his own thing and instead trolled him the entire match.

Kotaku spotted a video by Solek1337 who captured the match on video, showing what happened and how a player named Soulm8 put a fork in the groove of a Russian cheater. Check out the video below.

So for a little context, Solek was playing against a group in Counter-Strike. His team were losing somewhat badly to a Russian hacker who was using aimbots and a hack to see through the game's walls. Even with the hacks the Russian was still getting owned from time to time.

The hacking persisted in the match, though, ruining the fun for a lot of the players.

After a while another player on the Russian's team finally had enough of the cheating and hacking, his name was Soulm8. He decided to fight back against the hacker by killing him and then trolling him for the remainder of the match. Some of the Russian's teammates tried to kick out Soulm8 but someone else on the team decided to keep him on board.

Soulm8 proceeded to troll the Russian hacker by standing in front of his scope so he couldn't snipe properly, as well as block his view to keep him from getting any kills. Soulm8 also allowed the opposing Counter-Strike team to get free kills. This not only evened the playing field but also disrupted the hacker's attempts to dominate the game.

Solek was ecstatic about Soulm8's honor and chivalry, loudly boasting...

If you see this... I love you, bro. We went through hell together. Of course, you were on the enemy team, but you believed in justice. You believed in love. This is for you, brother. I honor you. I HONOR YOU!

The video is practically impossible to follow without Solek's commentary. It basically just looks like a lot of shooting and killing going on but Counter-Strike games aren't the easiest to follow if you aren't familiar with them. Even with Solek's commentary there was a lot of jangled context and quick switching within the video that made it difficult to parse for a coherent narrative.

Even still, after the halfway mark things became a lot clearer to understand and we were able to see how Soulm8 trolled the Russian hacker, eventually resulting in the hacker being kicked from the game after he killed Soulm8 too many times. Counter-Strike's anti-trolling measures prevent teammates from repeatedly killing each other and the Russian hacker burned right past that threshold.

A lot of people seem to be responding positively about Soulm8's behavior in Counter-Strike and for standing up to the hacker. Maybe if we see this more often it'll make hackers think twice about ruining a game.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.