Crystal Kingdom MMO Brings Back JRPG Nostalgia

When was the last time you played an MMO JRPG with sprite-based aesthetics and music and sounds that pay homage to Square Soft classics like Final Fantasy VI, Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger? I can't think of a game like that, but Epic Beyond Studios is aiming to bring that kind of game to Steam's store.

At the moment, Crystal Kingdom is looking for upvotes and a lot community loving on Steam's Greenlight, where the community votes for the games they would like to see added to Steam's store.

RPG Site has a rundown of awesome RPGs gamers should be keeping their eye on, and Crystal Kingdom ranks up there amongst the top and deservedly so.

Before RPG Site did their coverage on the game I had never heard of it and it's easy to miss some worthwhile games on Steam's Greenlight given how many games are added and how many are either of poor quality or simply not worth the investment of time.

As the video above indicates, the game is a different kind of MMORPG, it's designed with all the flair and nostalgia of classic SNES JRPGs, similar to Cryamore, and has the same sprite affinity that made us fall in love with role-playing publishers during the 16-bit era. Quite sad during these times because “love” and “publisher” in the same sentence is a rare thing to come by given all the anti-consumer BS they throw around.

You can show some love to Crystal Kingdom right now by paying a visit to the game's official Steam Greenlight page.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.