THQ revealed the release date for hack-and-slasher Darksiders II. Death, the most feared of the Horsemen, will be riding onto the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in June along with exclusive DLC for pre-order customers.

The game will hit North America on June 26th for all platforms. Europe will receive it on the June 29th.

Darksiders II takes place during the same time period as the first game. It stars a new protagonist, Death. After learning that his fellow horsemen Death has been exiled to Earth for a crime he didn't commit, Death decides to prove his innocence. His journey will take him to the mysterious place known as the Nether Realms.

GameStop pre-order customers will receive a "Death Rides" DLC pack. This pack adds several side-quests in the Maker's Realm and Dead Plains. You'll get approximately two hours of gameplay from this add-on and earn new loot and experience in the process.

Amazon, meanwhile, will be giving out the "Deadly Despair" pack. This DLC makes Death's horse Despair move faster. Seems like a good bonus for less patient gamers.

Best Buy's pre-order DLC is called "Angel of Death." It provides Death with an angelic set of armor and matching scythes. Also included is an outfit for Dust, his crow companion.

The incentives above are for the United States. Retailers in other countries are offering these bonuses as well, though. THQ has a compilation of the deals here.

Screenshots of the pre-order DLC are below.

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