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As the clock winds down to New Year's Eve, Capcom wants you to be thinking about their free-to-play role-playing game Deep Down. They've released a new "Prologue" trailer that suggests we'll find out much more about the PS4 exclusive in 2014.

The trailer opens with a few quick glimpses at spider and snake beasts. Then a knight begins fighting a monster with spiked limbs. He seems outmatched by this enemy but fortunately he brought three friends. The four warriors are wearing armor of different colors - a nod to the game's four-man cooperative play. The quartet uses magic, swords and spears to overwhelm the monster.

Players will also encounter a smaller, sneakier enemy in the game. Remember those fake treasure chests in Final Fantasy games that attack you when you try to open their lid? Well, Deep Down's got those things too. You can see one at around 0:38 in the trailer. They should be a fitting punishment for co-op players that rush ahead to get all the loot.

Deep Down was unveiled during the PS4 announcement event in February. It's the first game to utilize the Panta Rhei engine, proprietary technology that will replace MT Framework as the go-to engine for future Capcom games. The first trailer, depicting a battle between a knight and dragon, was a stunning display of the engine's capabilities. The trailer was also an opportunity to showcase a future feature for the PS4. Players will be able to provide aid, such as potions or other items, to their friends in need.

At the time, many thought that Deep Down was really a sequel to previous Capcom RPG Dragon's Dogma but the company later clarified that it's a brand-new series.

"We wanted to be free to utilize the PS4's hardware capabilities and unique services without the constraints of working within an existing IP," Yoshinori Ono said in an MCV interview. "Of course, the development experience we gain will put us in an even better position to bring our existing series to the console in a way that takes full advantage of its hardware and services."

Though the footage of Deep Down we've seen so far has been limited to battles against monsters, there's also a futuristic element. The game actually opens in the year 2094 in New York City. Players are transported into medieval times by using magical relics. I'm sure we'll hear more about this bizarre plot and the rest of the game real soon.

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