Destiny of Spirits is headed to the PlayStation Vita and, now that Sony has released more details on Japan Studio and Q Entertainment’s upcoming social battle game, it’s safe to say that a high-school era popularity contest is about to kick off in grand style. The more friends you have, the better you’ll do in the game, so you best start befriending as many randos as humanly possible.

It’s still difficult to pin down what, exactly, Destiny of Spirits is all about. Part of that has to do with the very nature of the game, which itself colors outside the lines. According to a recent post on the PlayStation Blog focused on the social aspects of the game, Destiny of Spirits is described as a “free-to-play location-based, social strategy game” where “players from around the world work cooperatively in turn-based, RPG style action to battle fierce Chaos spirits.” See what I’m talking about? It’s all in English, but I still feel like there needs to be a translator present to break it all down.

The post goes on to explain that, each day, the game’s Destiny Engine (which is based on both Western and Eastern astrology) will pair you up with other players based on such factors as your birthday, name and geographical location. You’ll have access to certain spirits depending on where you’re located in the world. By befriending new players, you’ll have access to their crop of spirits and, by extension, their friends’ crop of spirits. So if one of your friends’ friends’ friends is from Japan and all of the necessary trading has taken place, you might be able to snag one of Japan’s unique spirits thanks to a train of trades. The drawback is that the distance between you and your friend will determine how long said trade will take to carry out. Being a free-to-play game, I can certainly see items popping up for real world money that might speed that timer up.

You’ll also be able to rent your friends’ spirits by spending the in-game currency called Destiny Points. Once again, I have a feeling these Destiny Points will be in greater supply if you fork over a few dollars here and there.

Finally, having your friends’ spirits available will allow you to trigger a “Destiny Strike” within the game’s battle system. Again, the more friends you have and the more of their spirits you have available, the better your chances are of having access to this powerful move.

Look for Destiny of Spirits Vita later this year.

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