Diablo 3 PS3 Pre-Order

When PS3 gamers finally get their hands on action RPG Diablo 3, they might have a bonus item waiting for them. A GameStop advertisement says that pre-order customers will get an in-game Infernal Helm.

The advertisement (via DiabloFans) mentions that the Infernal Helm provides an experience bonus. That sounds handy but for how long? Diablo 3 is all about finding better and better loot to equip yourself with. Would the player wear the helm long enough to make full use of the experience bonus?

The only way that I could see this helm being worthwhile is if it's A) so overpowered that it's useful for multiple levels, or B) its stats scale with your level. Option B sounds plausible. Blizzard's other game World of Warcraft lets players buy XP-boosting equipment called heirlooms with scaling stats.

Diablo 3 was announced for the PS3 and PS4 back in February. The console versions of the action RPG will feature an updated UI and also support offline play.

The GameStop ad also mentions that pre-order customers will get a double-sided D3 poster as well. One side shows the face of Diablo himself, while the other looks like a battle scene.

Update: Blizzard has sent out a press release confirming that the Infernal Helm is available by pre-ordering through "certain retailers."

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