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Have you ever wanted to blast some storm troopers with force powers by stretching out your hand, Kenobi style? Have you ever wanted to slice, dice, mince and wince opponents with flashy lightsaber skills, using your arms and a fancy lightsaber toy?

Well, now you can. Lucasarts and Microsoft announced that an exclusive Star Wars game is in the works for the Xbox 360’s Kinect that allows gamers’ real-life movements to translate into the game.

E3 2010 has opened the doorway to a brand new kind of hardcore gaming, and Lucasarts wanted to get in on it with Microsoft officially unveiling “Natal” as Kinect. With that announcement came a plethora of game announcements and support from previous games for Kinect, including a newly untitled Star Wars title that sees players running around in third person, hacking, slashing, dodging and blasting the living crap out of bad guys.

You can check out a few of the snapshots of the game below and remember to stay tuned in for more info on this title. To grab a look at the brief gameplay video you can visit the Official Xbox Website.

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