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E3 2013: Wii U Exclusive From Xenoblade Devs Features Open-World, Giant Mechs

Imagine Monster Hunter fused with Armored Core fused with Xenogears fused with Lost Planet...good, now slap some sexy graphics on it and call it a Wii U exclusive. That's what the new game from Monolith Soft -- famed developers of the highly praised Xenoblade -- is all about, and the new trailer will make you a believer in the next-gen capabilities of the Big 'N's eighth gen console.

Tentatively labeled with an 'X', the new title could be a new entry in the Xeno saga or something completely new. Regardless of its name or affiliations with past games, it looks marvelous. The graphics, the open-world, the character designs, the mech transformations and the vehicular capabilities all add to the games' striking balance between cool gameplay mechanics and visually stunning vistas.

I like that Nintendo is still pacing themselves...they're not quick to throw $100 million at a silly idea or lambast the competition while rinsing and repeating the idea they just trashed. I'm also glad that Nintendo's own line-up of games are far and away from all those brown-dipped modern-military shooters. I mean, yeah, Battlefield 4 looks good and Call of Duty: Ghost Dog & Fish AI has smooth gameplay but a lot of it feels very familiar and neither of the two have a historical nostalgia embedded within their design, which is opposite of what Nintendo is always aiming to achieve.

Monolith Soft's yet-to-be fully named title is set for release sometime in 2014. I'm hoping that 'X' doesn't stick because it's going to be tough searching up images on the search engines putting in 'X'. Anyway, you can keep an ear on the ground for more info by keeping your eyes on Nintendo's website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.