Edge Of Eternity Rekindles The Glory Days Of PSX JRPGs

Back during the PlayStation One era there were plenty of Japanese made RPGs that flooded the market... in a good way. Lots of diversity, unique gameplay mechanics and original combat were all part of the palette, from Xenogears to Legend of Legaia to Legend of Mana to Star Ocean, very few of them were two of the same thing. Well, Midgar Studios (named after the famous Final Fantasy location) has decided to elevate their game and attempt to bring back the classic JRPG gameplay style with their indie title, Edge of Eternity: Last Day of Universe.

The project originates from Nimes, France and is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter while simultaneously looking to garner support from the Steam Greenlight audience.

The plot revolves around a hero named Daryon who must flee his home planet after his own people are turned into monsters by an alien-enslaving race. Daryon ventures out to discover his true origins while facing off against the menace that destroyed his home.

The game is labeled as a sci-fi RPG, where players will venture throughout space to various planets and locations, getting stronger, dealing with the inhabitants and exploring various environments. It's a little like Knights of the Old Republic and Star Ocean.

More than that, though, the game will focus on turn-based combat mechanics just like the older school of role-playing games. You get to see a brief glimpse of how the combat might look with the prototype demo video above, but there's also a concept snapshot of the game and the combat menu below. Check it out.

Edge of Eternity is still early on in its Kickstarter phase and Midgar has about a month to go to accrue $200.000 in funding. Right now they're still sitting at $3,558. So yeah, they have a long way to go to hit their goal.

Whether or not Edge of Eternity will hit its goal will remain undetermined until they hit that goal or they fail, but I at least admire the kind of game they're attempting to bring to the market. If you like what they're trying to sell, feel free to learn more by paying a visit to the official Kickstarter page.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.