Despite the fact that space is vast and endless, there's only so much content you can cram into a game taking place within that vast a setting. Thankfully, that's exactly why the gaming gods created DLC. And for those of you clamoring for some new Endless Space goodness, it's coming in the form of the Disharmony expansion later this summer.

Iceberg Interactive announced the Disharmony DLC for 4X space strategy game, Endless Space, this morning, saying that the new content will be available for $9.99 on Steam sometime in the coming months. And, according to Amplitude Studios' CEO Mathieu Girard, some of the content is coming at ya thanks to the vocal players.

“We're lucky to have a motivated team and even luckier to have such an incredible community,” Girard said. “Our expansion pack has been designed based on player requests and community G2G votes, and we hope that it fulfills, or surpasses, their expectations.”

So what, exactly, will the new DLC offer when it hits Steam later this summer? For starters, players will have access to an all new faction called the Harmony, as well as additional fighters and bombers to control, new battle formations, a new targeting system and a redesigned weapons systems. There's also an enhanced invasion mechanic, as well as improved and more unpredictable AI opponents for those who were hoping for a bigger challenge.

Still not enough content for 10 bucks? Fine! How's about a complete rework of the ship design interface and four new heroes to add to your fleet? Yeah, I thought that might do it for ya.

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