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Curious what Deus Ex: Human Revolution could have looked like in the Crytek's CryEngine 3? Well, a new screenshot gives you a brief idea of what it looks like. But that's not all...a series of additional weekly CryEngine 3 screenshots have also been released, along with a new video showcasing the CE3's cloth simulation physics from the Shroud middleware SDK.

The video above is a demonstration from Allegra Games' upcoming independent MMO running on the the CryEngine 3 SDK, which is the equivalent of the free Unreal Engine UDK that anyone can gain access to and develop games on without requiring a pricy license to use the software.

The Beegee's music was used in addition to very rough animation synching for the characters. However, Allegra's purpose was to showcase the non-scripted clothing simulation technology courtesy of CloakWork's Shroud physics-based cloth simulation. The technology has also been added in for support to the Unity Engine as well, so don't be surprised if you begin to see a ton of upcoming indie titles make use of some of the more high-end physics simulations that are usually reserved for bigger budget games. The parity discrepancy between indie and AAA is shrinking and I'm loving it.

You can check out the additional screenshots of the CryEngine 3 in action below, with the Deus Ex: Human Revolution render designed by Luke Pham and provided courtesy of DSO Gaming.

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