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In case you are one of those people who really doesn’t care about spoilers, a few videos are now making their way around the internet that show off quite a bit of content from upcoming first-person RPG/action game, Fallout 4.

Rest assured that we’re not planning on doing any of the actual spoiling here on Gaming Blend. There's a big thread over on Reddit which has basically become a massive storage unit for all things that were supposed to remain secret. You can track it down yourself if you're so inclined.

What’s crazy to me is how any of this stuff actually gets out. Outside of those specific “leaks” that are almost certainly part of a marketing plan, the games industry is notorious for being tight-lipped and fully locked down when it comes to the flow of information. A few tidbits will sneak through the cracks from time to time, but the team at Bethesda is having some rotten luck with Fallout 4. Outside of a few story beats, the manual and screenshots making it onto the internet before launch, now we’ve got a collection of videos that appear to have been captured from within the game.

Some of the footage is a bit bland, showing off stuff like character creation, unarmed combat and the like. Other bits, though, contain “huge story spoilers” for Fallout 4, according to the original post. I’m actually a fan of experiencing games for myself and don’t like to cheapen my own playthrough by seeing any of the story in advance, so I haven’t actually watched the videos myself. For those of you who want to risk it, though, the original post clearly outlines what you can expect out of the less revealing clips and marks a pair of clips as being spoilertastic, so watch at your own peril.

One of the top commenters has made things even easier for those of you who don’t want to click through a bunch of videos, combining all of the footage into a single long clip. Again, just so folks can’t complain that they didn’t have ample warning, spoilers abound.

I stopped perusing reactions once folks started to pick the scenes apart because, again, I’d rather actually play the game and then build my opinion.

For their part, the team at Bethesda encourage gamers to follow suit. In a recent post on the Bethesda forums, global community lead Matt Grandstaff makes it clear that the team isn’t fond of (and will not allow) the sharing of any of the leaked content. He reminds gamers that Nov. 10 is “right around the corner,” then asks that everyone please keep things “spoiler-free” for another eight days.

In case you need one final, Bethesda-approved look at Fallout 4 before launch, here’s a gander at the latest trailer.

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