Final Fantasy Voice Actress Found Dead With Her Children

Voice actress and television star Sian Blake was found dead with her two children, ages eight and four, at their home in London, England. The 43-year-old was known for her role in the British TV series EastEnders, as well as voicing the character Yugiri in the Square Enix MMO, Final Fantasy XIV.

Gamespot did a brief write-up on the story, explaining that investigators discovered the mother and her two kids with head and neck injuries after a missing persons report was filed on December 16. In a slightly more detailed report, BBC noted that police officers began an investigation on December 16 after the reports were filed by the children charity organization, NSPCC, who stated concerns for the well-being of the actress.

Forensic investigators were called in and the garden of Blake's home was excavated, which is where they discovered the bodies. According to the reports, it appears as if serious attempts had been made to hide the three victims.

At this time, police are currently looking into Arthur Simpson-Kent, the former boyfriend of Sian Blake. Reports indicate that he may have left for Ghana. According to the BBC article, Blake's sister had mentioned that the actress had expressed intentions of leaving Kent.

The news dealt a heavy blow to the Final Fantasy XIV community, because they do deeply care about all those involved. In fact, according to Massively OP, various members from guilds in Final Fantasy XIV decided to get together and hold an in-game vigil for Sian Blake. The vigil is on the Balmung server near the Rogue guild hall in Limsa Lominsa.

It's likely a sad time for the denizens of Final Fantasy because they just lost an important member of the game's cast.

Blake voiced the character Yugiri Mistwalker, who was an Au Ra Raen rebel leader attempting to help the Doman refugees. As a shinobi, she and her fellow band of ninjas assist and aid the player throughout her story arc involving the civil war and her attempts to find a peaceful place for the Doman refugees to reside within the land of Limsa Lominsa (fitting since that's where the virtual vigil is being held for Blake).

It's usually disheartening for the community to find out that someone they cared for in the game has deceased in real life.

Square Enix doesn't appear to have said anything publicly about the case yet. Then again, it's an ongoing investigation and it makes sense that they would likely want to hold off on making any major statements on the matter before all the details and information are on hand.

Alternatively, they may be trying to distance themselves from any kind of controversy until they know more. The case is still in the early goings and they might make something official either when it closes or a perpetrator is found.

Either way, the Final Fantasy community has banded together to celebrate the contributions that Sian Blake made to Final Fantasy XIV. The game is up and available right now to play on PC and PS4.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.