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We all knew that Rockstar Games was working on something new, but now we know that the “something” they are working on is actually “somethings,” with a couple of future projects promised for reveal in the not-too-distant future. Hey, isn’t E3 2016 just around the corner?

If you’ve ever played Grand Theft Auto V or the beloved Red Dead Redemption, then you know why it takes the team at Rockstar Games so long to release a new title. There’s nothing small about their games, usually offering big, open worlds with lots of activities to distract players when they aren’t actively working through the campaign or multiplayer offerings.

In a recent earnings report, Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive commented on the studio’s current work, saying that Rockstar is “hard at work on some exciting future projects that will be revealed soon,” according to Gamespot.

Sadly, Take-Two did not even hint at what those projects might be but, seeing as how they are promising a big E3 showing this year, we’re guessing that one or multiple titles from Rockstar Games will be on the agenda. Folks have been clamoring for a sequel to Red Dead Redemption pretty much since that game arrived and rumors have been circling the internet recently that just such a game (a prequel, no less) might actually be in the works. As for their other major property, Grand Theft Auto, it seems unlikely that a new entry would be announced for that particular series so close to GTAV, especially since it’s still cruising right along with continued support, DLC and an active online community.

In other words, maybe we’re talking about something new from Rockstar, which certainly wouldn’t ruffle my feathers. Then again, I’d also be totally cool with a follow-up to Bully or pretty much any of their games at this point.

Now for the not-so-good news. On that same earnings call, it was explained by Take-Two that Rockstar Games will not have any games release during the current fiscal year, which runs through March 31, 2017. So if you were hoping to be playing Red Dead Revolution (Not a real title, but you’re welcome to use it, Rockstar) by Christmas, it looks like you’re out of luck. The soonest we’d see a new Rockstar game is by about this time next year, so get ready to do some waiting.

Still, it’s nice to know that multiple games are being worked on at Rockstar right now, as they have certainly earned the kind of hype that builds up around their titles. Now all we have to do is wait a little less than a month to find out what, exactly, we have to be excited about this time around.

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