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Guild Wars 2 is going to receive its first major content update later this month. The Shadow the Mad King update will go live on October 22nd with a host of new content and features for players to experience.

From October 22nd to 31st, the game will feature new Halloween-oriented activities. Players can expect new minigames and dynamic events. They'll also be able to participate in an "epic adventure in four acts."

The Black Lion Trading Company will be selling new items for the holiday as well. Players will be able to pay gems for new costumes and transforms. They can use them to participate in Costume Brawls with other costumed players.

PvP-oriented players can look forward to new tournaments. These competitions, designed for five-player teams, will give out better prizes than other tournaments. Furthermore, you'll get points to help you qualify for larger tournies down the road. In order to enter you'll need tickets, which can be bought from the gem store or won through normal tournaments.

Concept art from the new update is below. It looks pretty stunning, to be honest. We'll see how close the in-game implementation is to this art when the update arrives on the 22nd.

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