ArenaNet is gearing up to introduce a new world event to their MMORPG Guild Wars 2. They say that the event will be "massive" and will permanently change the game world of Tyria.

The event is entitled "Lost Shores." It centers around the Sea of Sorrows, a body of water right in the middle of Tyria. The sea bordered by both low and high level zones, so new and old players alike should be able to enjoy this new content.

In teasing the event, ArenaNet also mentioned that "something stirs" beneath the Sea. Presumably some sort of evil force emerges from beneath the waves and players have to stop it. The screenshots don't provide many hints; they merely show a shoreline with a couple shipwrecks.

"Lost Shores" will begin sometime in November. It will be the second monthly event for the game, the first being the Halloween-themed "Shadow of the Mad King".

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