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Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Petition For Wii U Gets Arc Systems Works' Attention

The Guilty Gear games have received increasingly confusing appellations that sort of require more than a simple read of the name before you can fully understand what it is you're even saying. But regardless of the title garnishing, the franchise has picked up a massive following who are now eying more than just the typical consoles for a potential release.

According to Siliconera, the developers are looking at the Xbox One and PS4 as possible platforms for the new Guilty Gear, but gamers are looking beyond the standard Microsoft and Sony platforms, so much so that they're now petitioning to get the latest game from Arc Systems Works on Nintendo's Wii U.

While a lot of people have counted out and put down the possibility of the Wii U as being a top contender for the next-gen race, I honestly think that it has a fighting chance coming in against the smaller-than-we-thought titans like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In fact, with a sales surge happening throughout May thanks to the initial Xbox One policies, the Wii U could be in the running for the long haul. Quite naturally gamers want to ensure that they have a software library to match the system's lifespan.

After Arc Systems Works originally announced Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- back on May 19th, a growing number of gamers have come forward to petition the developers to port the game over to Nintendo's Wii U.

The petition was spotted by the good folks over at Neogaf, who followed it up with a Tweet directly from Arc Systems Works, stating that...”Some of our fans started a petition to get Xrd on WiiU. What say you?”

The petition at the moment has only garnered 2,486 votes as of the publishing of this article, but it only just went live on June 19th, so it's not like there's been a lot of time for it to gain traction or media circle momentum. The real question is: will gamers jump in on this and make something of it or will it fade into obscurity a bit like that Timesplitters 4 petition?

I know a lot of publishers right now have abandoned the Wii U like humility abandoned Kanye West, but not all hope is lost. If the system can balloon its library with a wide range of single A and indie titles, it could be enough to sway over the niche crowds who buy their systems for non-PC exclusives... something that may be a rarity among the Wii U's bigger siblings, the Xbox One and PS4.

If the concept of playing a game like the Unreal Engine-powered Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- on Nintendo's Wii U is a thought that sits well with you, then you can muster up the courage and fortitude to show your allegiance to the Big 'N' by signing the petition over on Alternatively, you can learn more about the next-generation of fighting games from Arc Systems Works by paying a visit to their official website.

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