Half-Life 3 Teaser Website Goes Live: To Troll Or Not To Troll?

A new website has popped up with a giant lambda and a Half-Life 3 text logo beneath it. Falling lambdas shower the screen as if its themed to the holidays and this follows closely on the other hints let loose by Valve earlier in the month indicating that Half-Life 3 is coming.

According to the Examiner they found a hidden Aperture Science logo on the site if you tilt your monitor just right and look inside the Half-Life logo. Many gamers have come to the conclusion that it's just someone or possibly Valve trolling some more, registering the site just to spite gamers and tempt them into getting all giddy.

The WhoIs info for the website brings back some shady info that gives the impression that the website was designed as an attempt to troll, which wouldn't be the first time this has happened.

The placeholder website could go either way, though. Back on December 12th hints surfaced indicating that an official Half-Life 3 announcement would arrive 60 days from that point. Even if the website and Twitter reveals are fake there's still the Valve employees wearing the Half-Life 3 t-shirts. So where exactly does that leave us? Uh, basically waiting for Valve to give us an official announcement.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.