In the coming months, Archaia Entertainment will release a full-length graphic novel based on the free-to-play mech game Hawken. If you check out the free previews for the comic, you can get into Hawken's next beta.

The graphic novel, entitled Hawken: Genesis, introduces us to Illal. This industrialized world is now the site of a bloody civil war. Readers will find out why Illal is in such a sad state of affairs.

In Hawken, players take on the role of mech pilots involved in this war. They'll wade into battle in state-of-the-art war machines that can be upgraded with a variety of parts. The game will launch with four game modes, and developer Adhesive Games hopes to add more over time.

Four digital previews of Genesis will be released through Comixology. The first, entitled "Prelude to Ruin," can be found here. You can view the comic on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, or your PC. The preview will give you a key for Hawken's third beta, which runs from November 20th to December 6th.

Genesis will debut in March 2013. Hawken's open beta will start on December 12th.

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