Heavenly Sword lives on. While the video game series never had much of a chance to get rolling, the IP will continue to fight the good fight in 2014 with the release of a brand new CGI movie.

It can be hard to create a successful game series these days. There’s no telling what the community really wants and, even if you manage to get ahead of the curve on that count, there’s no telling if they’ll be willing to bite whenever your game finally hits the market.

That was pretty much the case for Heavenly Sword, a game that has grown something of a cult following over the years following its debut about six years ago. Releasing about a year following the launch of the PlayStation 3, Heavenly Sword was actually the game that finally made me pick up Sony’s latest console.

I was one of only a few, as it turns out. I thought the characters and story looked great and the action looked amazing. I remember the game fondly, as it was my first “next gen” experience. I was also a big fan of God of War, a series Heavenly Sword borrows heavily from in terms of combat.

Critics seemed to enjoy the game, too, praising its voice acting, unique tale and (revolutionary for the time) motion capture. It was too short, however, and the action wasn’t all that varied. For those reasons, and who knows what else, gamers as a whole opted to basically ignore the series, dooming it to perish following just a single outing.

Until now, that is. While Heavenly Sword isn’t getting the second video game I feel it absolutely deserves, at least its story will continue in a different medium as a new Heavenly Sword movie is slated to release in 2014.

According to the official announcement, the CGI movie will be based on the 2007 game, it’ll be available in Spring digitally (and in theaters in certain regions), and it’ll star the voice work of returning stars Anna Trov, Alfred Molina and Thomas Jane.

Rather than a follow-up or prequel, the Heavenly Sword movie instead tells the same story from the game. So, for those of you who missed it (So, just about everyone), you can finally see what went down without having to bother with a controller.

And, just in case you want to be reminded what the game had to offer, here’s a quick reminder in video form.

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