Hotline Miami Mod Invades Overgrowth In New Video

What would Overgrowth, the mod-heavy 3D martial arts, open-world game where you play a rabbit be like if it was played top-down like Hotline Miami and featured the same rocking retro soundtrack? Well, you would get the new video posted up courtesy of YouTube commentator, iDubbbz.

In case you've never heard of either game (it's okay, not everyone is a hipster indie lover) Hotline Miami is an ultra-violent shooter where you can die just as easily as the people you have to kill. Stealth is key, melee combat is preferred and throwing weapons is about as necessary as a gut is to Steven Seagal. One of the things that really made Hotline Miami stand out was the 80s themed motif and the matching surrealistic soundtrack to help tie it all together. The game's difficulty was in finding out how to utilize the levels to your advantage and get in and out without dying (which was almost next to nigh impossible to do in just one try).

Overgrowth is an open-world project in the works by Wolfire that focuses on dynamic martial arts combat. Melee attacks are key and there are some complex mechanics in place for back and forth fighting, parry and counter-attacks. The game is highly scalable and allows players to build their own levels, create their own quests and run around in the vast open world doing all sorts of crazy stuff. There are even some elements of parkour available in the game, so it's easily possible to engage in some intense platforming and whatnot. In fact, you can see how Overgrowth plays out without the Hotline Miami mod in the video below.

As iDubbbz notes in his video at the top of the article, he did very little modding to the actual Overgrowth core and opted to basically turn on some blood: check. Stick the camera in an overhead view: check. And then proceed to open up a can of Stone Cold – oh wait, that was the Attitude Era, nevermind. Anyway, the video manages to depict an eerily similar vibe to Dennaton Games' Hotline Miami despite the very few changes made to the core game. The physics, character reactions and weapon handling was almost spot on to the ultra-violent top-down shooter.

If the video got you in the mood for some more Hotline Miami you won't have to wait long because a sequel is inbound soon. As for those of you who have become enamored with Overgrowth, feel free to learn more by visiting the game's official website

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.