How To Play PS4 Games On Your PC

Twisted Productions is releasing a new app for PC that allows PC gamers to play PS4 games through a wi-fi connection. It's a bit of a redundant feature if you already own a working PS4 and already have a decently sized TV, but if you really want to show up your Windows 10 friends who can stream Xbox One games, this is probably the perfect way to do it.

There's a video showing how the remote play works between PC and PS4 and how smooth it is, running the game almost smoother and faster than the PS4. You can check it out below from the twistedone1989 YouTube channel.

In the video description the developer explains how the remote connection works between PC and PS4, writing...

I've got a basic GUI implemented along with hardware accelerated video and V-Sync so the video is very smooth (doesn't look as good on here after conversion).I've also added in new dynamic controls with profiles that allow for any mapping of the controller so keyboards, mice, controllers even joysticks if you like! As you can see in the video these games weren't designed for a mouse and with the added lag of being over remote connection its mostly useless at the moment but certainly something I hope to improve upon.

Originally this was just a pet project that the developer was making in his spare time using C++. The connection between the PC and PS4 also allows users to connect via a password protected wi-fi connection. When asked about a public release the developer was reluctant to engage, but all of the positive feedback and support from the community eventually changed the developer's mind.

Over on the website, the lone developer of Twisted Productions announced that the PC to PS4 app would be released... for a price.

There are definitely a lot of people out there who would likely pay a small fee to own the app, even though the function of the app really is redundant if you already own a PS4. Essentially it just allows you to play games remotely on your PC through your PS4. It does not actually make PS4 games work on PC like an emulator. It's literally identical to the Windows 10 streaming of Xbox One games through the Xbox app, only it's for the PS4 and you don't need Windows 10.

I'd imagine if Sony was smart they would pay for the distribution rights and use it as leverage in the console war. I mean you would still need to buy a PS4 and a legitimate copy of the game to make use of the app, so in the end Sony still wins. Whether or not the app will release successfully or get hit with a DMCA take-down or cease and desist is completely up in the air, but Sony really should consider making this official since there's obviously community interest in playing PS4 games on PC even when people already own a PS4.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.