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It looks like Steam is becoming the new home of all things free-to-play as Jagged Alliance Online, the PvP strategy game full of massive guns and even more massive warfare, becomes the latest offering to make its way to the digital platform’s library.

Cliffhanger production today announced plans to bring Jagged Alliance Online to Steam sometime this spring and, with summer more or less right around the corner, that means we could be seeing some turn-based strategy goodness from the JA franchise on Valve’s gaming platform in the not-too-distant future.

The best part of the whole deal is that the online PvP portion of the game is 100 percent free, including more than 40 mercenaries to recruit and deploy and more than 500 items to utilize. While players will be able to spend real world money to snag all of the game’s goodies with a quickness, Cliffhanger promises that all of the game’s online content can be purchased with the game’s own currency, which you accumulate simply by playing the game. There will also ba a single player campaign available for purchase, offering “100-plus hours of gameplay.”

Jagged Alliance is all about superior tactics (and big guns, of course), so that means providing every player with a chance of winning based on tactical choices, and not any outside factors such as paid items” said Creative Director Jan Wagner. “The PvP part is also what makes us stand out from all the Jagged Alliance games, I believe, since no matter how good an AI is, in the end, the true challenge is another player.”

To learn more about Jagged Alliance Online or jump into the non-Steam version of the game, head to the official website.

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