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League of Legends players who prefer a bit of stealth now have a new toy to play with. Riot Games has released a new Champion called Zed, the Master of the Shadows.

Zed is able to conjure up shadow clones to assist in battles. These clones are no mere illusions. Instead, they can duplicate his abilities to hit enemies with a one-two punch. It seems like he'll be really effective at ambushing lone enemies.

This champion seems like he's great for screwing with enemies' heads. I don't think most players would expect to be attacked from two different directions at once. Zed can switch places with his clone to sow additional confusion among the enemy ranks.

Riot has created an alternate "Shockblade" skin for Zed as well. This skin will outfit him in light-colored, traditional ninja garb. Furthermore, all of his attacks will have electric particle effects. Zed and his Shockblade costume will usually cost 1950 RP, but will be only 1462 RP this week.

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