League Of Legends Player Dominates Without Hands

Razer's new mini-documentary might be a big blow to your self-esteem. The documentary introduces us to MacsHG, a gamer who manages to kick ass in League of Legends and other games even though he doesn't have hands.

"Kian and Travis travel to Sassari, Sardinia - and island off the coast of Italy- to meet MacsHG, the 'Handless Gamer'," Razer says of the documentary. "We started working with Macs when we discovered he used Razer gear to overcome his handicap and become a champion. His story isn't just about perseverance and inspiration - it's about something bigger."

During the video, the filmmakers accompany Macs on a tour of his hometown. It might surprise some viewers how regular his life really is in spite of being born without hands and one of his legs. He works at a car dealership, he goes out to bars with his friends, and he spends a lot of time at the gym. On top of all that, he also spends a whole lot of time gaming.

In spite of his handicap, Macs is a ridiculously talented League of Legends player. As he says in the video, he managed to hit Diamond in Ranked Play. Only about 25,000, or roughly 1.9%, are at that tier. The documentary also has a clip of him getting a Pentakill - or five killing blows in a short period of time - on another team.

If that doesn't make you feel bad about your own gaming abilities, watch him complete an operation in the notoriously difficult Surgeon Simulator 2013:

Not having hands or fingers is a huge obstacle to overcome, seeing as how every PC game requires you to push buttons or keys. However, Macs found interesting setups that allow him to overcome his disability. With first-person shooters such as Titanfall, he uses a touchpad with his left arm and his mouse with his right arm. For MOBAs, he uses his left foot to press keys on the Razer Nostromo, a 16-button peripheral that substitutes for a keyboard. Here's a video guide to his playstyle:

If you're interested in seeing other handicapped gamers overcome the odds, I'd also recommend checking out this gamer's one-handed solo journey through Crota's End in Destiny.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.