League Of Legends Snowdown Event Returns Next Week

League Of Legends will once again be celebrating the holiday season with a special Snowdown event. Snowdown will bring new in-game items for players to earn along with a limited-time game mode.

The game mode in question is Legend of the Poro King, a modified version of the usual ARAM match. During a Poro King match, your summoner spells will be replaced with two new ones. Proto Toss lets you toss a lovable furball and deal true damage to the first enemy it hits. You can also recast it three seconds later to dash to the enemy you hit.

Every time you hit an enemy with a Poro, you'll earn a Poro Mark for your team. Once your team has 10 Marks, a Poro King will spawn and help your team push down the lane. You can use your second summoner spell for the match, To The King!, to dash to his side.

The Poro King has a huge amount of health and absorbs all Poros thrown near him. All allies near the Poro King will regenerate health and mana. Every five seconds, the King will also shoot out an arc of Poros to thin the enemies in front of him. In other words, he's great for breaking the usual ARAM stalemates.

In honor of Snowdown, Riot will be selling all sorts of snow-themed items. They'll release new Snow Day skins for Gnar, Bard and Syndra. These skins will be on sale until January 7th along with the older Snow Day skins for Ziggs, Malzahar and Singed. Seasonal icons and wards will also be on sale during this period.

LoL players will also have some new incentives to spend money. Purchasing RP between now and December 7th will earn you a small quantity of bonus RP. From December 10th through the 15th, sending yourself a mystery gift will earn you an extra unowned champion, skin, ward or icon worth 520 RP or more. Between December 3rd and January 7th, anyone who buys a Legendary skin will get a free Mystery skin. If that Mystery skin is another Legendary, you'll get another Mystery skin. If that's another Legendary, you'll get another Mystery skin and so on.

There will be a ton of sales throughout the month to celebrate Snowdown. Riot will hold a Snowstorm Sale with six different Legacy skins available at a discount every day. If you never got a chance to buy Desert Trooper Garen or Red Riding Annie, this will be your chance. You can see the full schedule for the Snowstorm Sale here. Six bundles of holiday champions and skins will also be available.

Each player will also find a set of personalized deals on skins and champions waiting for them in the in-game store. It's unclear how the game will pick these "Snowdown Shop" deals for players. They'll have two weeks (December 16 to December 30) to consider them, though.

The past few weeks have been busy ones for LoL. Riot introduced a huge pre-season patch and added a new champion named Illaoi. They also plan to release a major rework of long-time champion Poppy.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.