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“Games... the Wii U lacks games” is a common sentiment among most gamers on the fence about diving head-first into buying an eighth generation home console. Well, you guys asked for it and now it's here, sort of. Nintendo announced a partnership with Tecmo Koei to bring out a new Zelda title tentatively called Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U.

Nintendo rolled out the announcement during their Nintendo Direct live-stream, as noted by IGN. The Big 'N' wanted to make it known that this is not the official next generation Legend of Zelda game that everyone has been waiting for, but just a collaborative spin-off with Koei to hold the masses over, and give Wii U owners a bit of meat to chew on.

As you can see in the video trailer above, the game features all the mindless, thousand-army mobs you might expect from a typical Tecmo Koei Dynasty Warriors game, but with the thematic, visual and aesthetic flair of a typical Legend of Zelda title.

We get to see some special combo attacks, a Musuo-style rage special and even multiple weapons on display, seemingly aimed at being useful for different scenarios/bosses/enemies.

I'm curious if other characters from the rich Zelda universe will also make an appearance or if Tecmo Koei and Nintendo will embrace the dark side and start rolling out additional playable characters via DLC?

Anyway, this is one of the many new games scheduled for release on the Wii U that seems to help give the game some appeal and luster throughout this new generation of gaming; it's like Nintendo is making a comeback like Jean-Claude Van Damme while Sony is fine being vapid and popular like Jason Stathom and Microsoft is carrying on with steep arrogance and bordering on irrelevance like Steven Seagal.

It's nice to see the Wii U bouncing back, especially after seeing a nice sales surge throughout the fall season where Nintendo was able to finally get the Wii U over the 4.5 million SKU mark. The company certainly wasn't kidding about getting serious about their marketing in 2014.

However, the big question is: Is the 2014 line-up for the Wii U enticing enough to bring back the core audience and can Hyrule Warriors help do that?

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