D-Link Releases Firmware Patch To Fix DGL-5500 Gaming Router

D-Link has come back to offer gamers a fix for a problem with their latest gaming router, the DGL-5500. Some of you might remember that when the router originally launched, gamers were put at a huge disadvantage with the piece of hardware since it didn't quite function the way it was supposed to.

A representative for D-Link sent out word today that the company has worked hard to fix some of the issues brought up in the less-than-sparkling reviews where many tech sites and users noted that the DGL-5500 had promise, but lacked the proper software and firmware support to truly make it shine as the product it was meant to be.

When it was originally announced the DGL garnered some interest for its design and supposed ability to out perform the competition by maximizing the speed of the standard net connection. The software tools powering D-Link's latest device was provided by Qualcomm, utilizing their StreamBoost tech.

One of the major complaints about the DGL-5500, though, was that the software boost to help mitigate some of the bandwidth just didn't work the way it was supposed to. The software was to work with the hardware (through the firmware) to enable users to prioritize bandwidth usage for everything that uses your home network. This includes your desktop PC, your laptop(s), cell phones and gaming consoles.

The thing is, just about every review pointed out that the DGL-5500's firmware just wasn't up to par. Unanimously, gamers, consumers and tech enthusiasts alike have been asking for a firmware patch to help reel in the way the device operates and fix some of those early adopter issues that you can spot in the user reviews across tech sites and e-tailers from around the web.

The latest firmware patch will bring up the device to version 1.11. It's available on D-Link's official support page. Installing the firmware patch is pretty simple: just download the file, do a factory reset on the router and run the firmware upgrade over a wired link (do not upgrade the firmware via a wireless connection). Boom, you're done.

The release notes include fixes for the bandwidth filtering; fixed functionality for the “Restore” button when resetting the Router's settings; and there are a number of bug fixes with QRS, MAC settings and internal errors.

Hopefully this turns the DGL-5500 into the gaming router gamers deserve and not just the one they feel they need.

Of course, this firmware update is probably only enticing to those of you out there who have already ordered the new gaming router. For everyone else out there considering a gaming router, I suppose the new update at least brings this device up to the necessary standards to do what you paid for. Isn't that all any discerning consumer wants?

You can learn more about D-Link's DGL-5500 gaming router by paying a visit to the devices official website. You may also want to consider reading more user reviews from various enthusiast sites before putting $200 into this thing if you're considering getting a high-speed router to help manage the bandwidth of your home network.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.