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Fans of Star Wars will likely spend the rest of the week trying to control their wallet and the money that will spill out of it thanks to a massive week long sale taking place on Steam that contains some of the most memorable Star Wars games to date.

Gamespot did a quick rundown on some of the games on the Steam store that gamers will be able to pick up where they're discounted at up to 77% off. The discounts don't just include old games and long forgotten titles that helped shape the Star Wars universe in the electronic entertainment market, we're talking newer titles as well, such as the Pinball FX2 Star Wars Pinball pack containing the classic heroes, the Star Wars Rebels pack, and even the new Episode VII: The Force Within Pack. You can grab the Star Wars themed pinball tables for as low as $2.29 with discounts at up to 77% off.

If you're not into pinball, don't worry, there are still a ton of other Star Wars titles available at slashed prices that might be up your alley. If you're into strategy games there's Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga, an RTS game where you command armies across both the Galactic Empire and Clone War eras. There's also Rogue Squadron 3D, an old-school space shooter that was the precursor to the Rogue Squadron series that was ever-so-popular on the Nintendo GameCube; you can grab this late 90's classic for only $4.99.

There's also the collection of X-Wing and Tie Fighter games that were all the rage back during the mid 1990s on PC. The X-Wing series is discounted by 50% off, but you can get all the games in a bundle for 40% off the normal price for only $17.99. Not a bad deal for four games.

If you want to fly some of the ships from the Clone Wars era, there's also Star Wars: Starfighter, where players will battle Trade Federation forces across the galactic front.

Now if you're more into the story-oriented stuff like Knights of the Old Republic, you'll find that your desires are very well satiated, with the Kotor games discounted by 75% off so you can grab them for only $2.49 each. The Star Wars: Force Unleashed games are also 75% off, being made available for only $4.99.

One of my personal favorites, Star Wars: Battlefront II is is also discounted by 75% off. The best part about it is that this game is so very, very mod friendly. The game is only $2.49 at the moment and is most certainly worth the price of entry. If you have a big rig just grab a graphics mod for it so it looks pretty, and then scope out some of the large scale mods and total conversion works that are up and available for the title. The modding community really went to work on that game.

And speaking of mod-friendly games... the Jedi Knight series is also discounted, with each game being made available for 75% off the normal price. You can get the first two Dark Forces games starring Kyle Katarn for as cheap as $1.49. Those were some great games.

You can check out the full list of discounts and price-cuts, including deals on the Disney Infinity: Star Wars sets, by visiting the Steam sale page.

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