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It's been a short while since we've had any news about Ouya but some games are still destined to land on the $99 console including the recently Kickstarted game from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World developers, Mercenary Kings.

The game has officially made it past its Kickstarter goal and it seems like the word “official” is tossed around quite a bit, I guess because there's also a ton of news that's rumor based. Anyway, with nearly $100,000 in their coffers and just more than a day to go with their Kickstarter, Tribute Games has already confirmed that there will be a second playable character in the game and that they will be releasing an Ouya following the release of the PC version.

In another update, they confirm that even if they don't reach the stretch goals they plan to use the money from the sales of the game to continue to improve Mercenary Kings, post-launch, saying... matter how much money we raise, we plan on continuing work on Mercenary Kings even after its release in order to add more features from our wishlist. So, for example, if we reach our $75k milestone, we'll release a version of the game as described above but we'll use the money earned from the sales to work on updates that will add features of the subsequent milestones.

The game will sport split-screen play, weapon crafting, loot gathering and plenty of intense side-scrolling, 16-bit inspired action platforming with a hint of Neo Geo-quality sprite designs and animations.

If you enjoyed games like Metal Slug but with an added RPG weapon crafting mechanic tossed in for good measure then you'll probably like Mercenary Kings.

The game is scheduled to release for PC in 2013 followed closely by a port for the Ouya. You can check out more info on the game on the Official Kickstarter Page.

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