It looks like Konami isn’t quite finished with the Metal Gear Solid series just yet, despite recently parting ways with creator Hideo Kojima. According to a recent job posting, the developer is looking to make a new game set within that beloved universe.

The job posting couldn’t be more cut and dry, stating that Konami is “Now recruiting ‘New Metal Gear’ development staff.” It’s not uncommon for job postings like this to simply state the team is recruiting for something like “a new stealth action game” or some such jibba-jabba, but Konami decided to come right out with it and call a spade a spade this time around.

If nothing else, this guarantees folks will be buzzing about a potential new game in the Metal Gear series, as well as add some extra motivation for highly qualified candidates. Recruiting for a “shooter” is one thing, but you’re likely to get interest from some of the best talent out there if they know that game is actually the next Metal Gear.

According to the posting, Konami is currently recruiting for a wide range of positions in both Tokyo and Los Angeles. Candidates need to have experience in high-end game development, a “boundless imagination and the capacity for exciting new ideas,” and (an oldie but a goodie) solid communication skills.

This is just the latest in a long line of announcements revolving around Konami and, more specifically, the Metal Gear series this year. Konami’s messy break up with Hideo Kojima has been well documented, including bizarre working situations, the removal of his company logo from promotional material, as well as denying him the opportunity to receive honors at the recent Game Awards.

Whether or not Kojima was still with Konami was a recoccuring question in the last couple of months, with that mystery finally being cleared up this week when it was confirmed that, yes, Kojima was officially out the door.

Aside from that, it’s been hard to pin down Konami’s future in gaming with or without Hideo Kojima and the Metal Gear series. They had already cancelled his next game, Silent Hills, and rumors were circulating that the publisher aimed to move away from AAA game development in the coming year. Konami eventually stated that was not the case, though they did not provide any information about what upcoming projects they had in the works.

Now, thanks to this job posting, we know at least one project, and it’s in the Metal Gear series. To be fair, we don’t know if this is planned as a AAA game necessarily, as it could be for a downloadable title, a mobile game or part of a spin-off series similar to Revengeance.

The big question though, is whether or not fans will be willing to support a new Metal Gear game after everything that’s gone down this past year. Either way, at least Kojima’s final Metal Gear, The Phantom Pain, was an utter delight.
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