Minecraft Xbox One And Xbox 360 Adds Simpsons Characters Today

A new Minecraft update has gone live today for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, adding in the rather large and diverse cast of characters from the Fox cartoon comedy, The Simpsons. The update brings 24 character skins to Minecraft.

The news was let loose via the official Xbox website, where a trailer was also released to give gamers an idea of what they can play around with in Mojang's open-world creation toolset.

The skin pack is available for only $2.99 from the Xbox digital storefront for both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

As mentioned on the store page...

“Create your own blocky version of Springfield with the entire Simpsons family—Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie— plus 19 of Springfield Elementary School’s beloved characters from the Emmy Award-winning animated show and the longest-running scripted show in television history.”

You can check out a full list of the characters appearing in this edition of the Minecraft skin pack below.

Homer Simpson

Marge Simpson

Bart Simpson

Lisa Simpson

Maggie Simpson

Principal Seymour Skinner

Mrs. Edna Krabappel

Groundskeeper Willie

Otto Mann

Milhouse Van Houten

Nelson Muntz

Jimbo Jones

Ralph Wiggum

Martin Prince






Janey Powell

Superintendent Gary Chalmers

Mr. Dewey Largo



According to the news post, the information on the skin pack for other platforms will arrive at a later date.

Given that Microsoft purchased Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, it's an interesting predicament to be in where Microsoft now has control over the content of Minecraft that makes its way out and onto other platforms.

Some gamers worried that with Microsoft at the helm that perhaps future content for Minecraft would be exclusive to the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The reality is that there's no real telling exactly what the future of the game will be like and what the future of the brand will be like under the tutelage of Microsoft. For one thing it definitely looks like the rumors of Minecraft appearing on the Nintendo Wii U or 3DS are off the table.

Minecraft originally came onto the scene back in 2009. The game stayed in alpha for the longest, enabling a lot of gamers to modify and edit the core content of the title to suit their play-style. However, as time went on the game kept growing and growing in popularity, especially amongst the youth demographic who loved the idea that the game was sort of like a video game version of Legos.

Recently Minecraft came under fire by the Turkish government due to claims that the game promoted violence against women. The Turkish government proceeded to investigate the claims to see if it's true and whether or not they'll have to take some sort of action. A similar thing also happened with Grand Theft Auto V, which was pulled from Target and Kmart's store shelves.

But back to lighter news. You can grab The Simpsons skin pack right now from the Xbox digital store for both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. Stay tuned for when the skin pack will release on other mobile devices and consoles.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.