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The Wii U is labeled – by many pundits, gamers and armchair mercenaries – as the biggest mistake Nintendo has made since the Virtual Boy. I tend to disagree. I didn't originally like the Wii U and thought it overpriced and stupid... that was until I saw the specs for the Xbox One and PS4 and realized Nintendo wasn't really as “behind the curve” as some people have been claiming. Even more than that, by comparison to the Xbox One, at least the Wii U is a dedicated gaming console with features centered around new ways to play games using the GamePad. The Xbox One was aimed at being an all-in-one media entertainment center with its focus around television and media.

After realizing that the Wii U was designed purely for new ways to play games, it became obvious that Nintendo didn't make a mistake with the system, but rather made a mistake in how they marketed the system.

Thankfully, developers are recognizing the potential of the Wii U and some are seeing some great success with the console, such as Renegade Kid with their retro platformer, Mutant Mudds Deluxe.

Despite all the Nintendoom aimed at the Big 'N' and the little Wii U, co-founder of Renegade Kid, Jools Watsham took to Twitter to unleash some interesting bits of information, as spotted by Nintendo Enthusiast...

This is great news, because it's something we just don't hear anything about as far as any sort of “success” goes for the Wii U, even from Nintendo.

Watsham does go on to say that the Nintendo 3DS version did outsell the Wii U version of the game, but I mean, seriously? You can't really compare the 3DS to any dedicated platform on the market when it comes to software, save for maybe Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.

Even more than that, the Wii U is showing a lot of great promise for 2014. Nintendo hunkered down and started handing out free Unity Pro licenses for indie devs who registered to release software for Nintendo platforms. Nintendo also made it known that they will increase their marketing presence throughout 2014 to help people recognize exactly what the Wii U is and what the games are all about. This will surely help them carve out a strong identity with the casual crowd who still thinks the Wii U is just a tablet upgrade for the normal Wii.

Gamers are also aiming to help the Big 'N' by pressuring all the big Kickstarters to include the Wii U as part of the stretch goals. Gamers want Nintendo to succeed and 2014 will be that make it or break it year to help the Wii U turn a profit for Nintendo and sustain itself as a long-running competitor for eighth gen.

With Mutant Mudds Deluxe outselling the competition by such a large margin on the Wii U, hopefully we'll begin to hear of more success stories of digital content selling on the eShop. We all know Nintendo could use some positive news in the media as of late.

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