Proving that an Android-based micro console can provide more than just gaming opportunities, it has been announced that the Ouya will launch with a Twitch App already built in, ready to connect video streamers to their audiences at the push of a button.

Things are starting to heat up pretty nicely for the little crowd-funded console that could. We announced earlier this week that Ouya's are now being shipped to those who helped Kickstart the console, as well as the fact that the console will be available to everyone else for $99 come this June. There are also reportedly plenty of games already ready to roll once the tiny console is plugged in and booted up.

But, much like with larger game consoles, the Ouya apparently won't just be about playing video games. Twitch announced today through its official blog that an app for the video streaming program will be baked into the final Ouya hardware, ready to be enjoyed right out of the box.

“We're proud to announce that Twitch will be among a select group of native apps on the Ouya upon launch,” reads the announcement. “That's right, Ouya will be the first console on the market to include a native Twitch viewing app. Sit back on your couch, fire up your new Ouya, and bring the full Twitch experience into your living room.”

The post goes on to promise the promised Xbox 360 Twitch app is still on the way but, due to “some development snags,” it has been delayed until sometime this May.

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