PC Controller Stinky Footboard Hits Kickstarter Goal, Arrives This June

The PC controller that you use with your feet has officially hit its funding goal of $75,000. In fact, the Stinky Footboard managed to accrue $79,562, going just over the initial goal by a few extra thousand. What's more is that the controller will be widely available to gamers starting this June.

I really like this controller and the fact that it allows you to map four keys to the board is like a dream controller come true when your hands are just completely overworked with the mouse and keyboard. Even more than that, can you imagine playing Mechwarrior with this thing? You could plug in two Stinky Footboards and manage all your momentum and movement to the footboards while reserving the upper-torso and weapon handling to the keyboard and mouse...or joystick. The possibilities are endlessly exciting with the Stinky Footboard.

This thing would also work well with games like APB Reloaded, where you can bind your sprint and jumping to the Footboard and this keeps your hands mobile enough to respond to situations without having to race your hands across the keyboard in a marathon to perform specific actions. For games like Sleeping Dogs or Max Payne 3, you could have the Stinky Footboard work for performing melee attacks, parkour or shoot-dodging, allowing you to further focus on aiming and other combat mechanics.

I'm glad the Stinky Footboard was crowd-funded, it's just such a shame that the WASDIO didn't meet its goal. It really needed to come to the market.

Nevertheless, you can look for the Footboard to become widely available this June for $119.99. For further information on this USB-style controller for your feet, feel free to visit the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.