APB Reloaded New Version Launches; New Vehicles, Desert Scarf Inbound

APB Reloaded version 1.11 has launched with a brand new contact, new missions and more mayhem to be had. What's more is that Reloaded Productions has announced that the game will be receiving additional content in the form of desert scarves for female avatars and Bishada Rapiers for Enforcers, as well as new tuner parts for the car.

The two new kits for the Rapier includes the Kissaki Sport kit and the Mako Racing kit. As usual, you can mix and match car parts to give your vehicle a look all its own, very similar to Forza Motorsport or the NFS: Underground games. I already have some liveries in mind that makes it hard not to drool all over my keyboard.

Anyway, a lot of the clothing options for the females is also getting a bit of priority this time around, as G1 wants to bring up to par the amount of options for female characters to that of their male counterparts. Will this mean that fewer 14 year old boys will make hookers and sluts running around in crotchless panties and see-through fishnet bras? You must be out of your freaking mind if you think that's ever going to happen.

On the upside, at least there are now more options to make civilized female characters...assuming we can get more civilized players out there to make civilized looking characters...but that's a long shot.

Anyway, version 1.11 is currently live and sports the brand new “Score” system, so now players will be rewarded on missions based on what they do and not necessarily their kill/death ratio. So someone with zero kills and a lot of assists, targets and pickups might come out on top as the MVP instead of the guy who just sat, camped and killed 20 opponents.

The Flare Gun has also been added to the game, which is basically a tactical spotter tool, enabling teammates to see exactly where the opposition is if the flare lands near them. And the new contact Darrel 'Speedball' Kayne has been added, enabling users to buy custom clothing and gear made by other players. This is only the top, most awesomest gear available and your creations can appear in his shop by participating in community contests.

Version 1.11 is available right now and the new version with the new Rapier parts and desert scarf will launch soon. As usual, the game is free-to-play so there's no reason not to give it a go, especially with the fixed district rankings, so now newbs don't have to worry about getting steamrolled their first time out by basement dwelling high-level golds who live, eat and sleep APB Reloaded.

Oh yeah, and the best part about the next update? You can use the motorcycle helmet and a sleeveless shirt and make that badass biker dude from Hotline Miami.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.